Welcome to the Embodiment Sanctuary
Founded by Alisa Wright Tanny, The Embodiment Sanctuary offers a variety of embodied services, educational trainings, retreats, and coaching for the holistic integration of body, mind, and spirit. Our offerings are designed to initiate deep healing to support personal growth and transformation. Alisa Wright Tanny shares her extensive embodied knowledge, bodywork, spiritual guidance, and coaching to create a formula that facilitates profound growth and COREempowerment. We are in service to YOU, your children, and teenagers, creating greater health, sustainable balanced life-force energy, and mindful presence.
Body-Mind Centering

Embodiment Coaching

Guided self-exploration and healing work. Private and virtual sessions available.

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Teen and Women’s Retreats

Transformative Workshops & retreats providing transformational and healing experiences.

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Classes and Trainings

Yoga & restorative healing for full alignment. Offering classes for children, teens, and adults.

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Join Alisa at Sedona Yoga Festival 2020

Sedona Yoga Festival
Medicinal Mushroom - Health Support