About Alisa Wright Tanny

Alisa Wright-TannyAlisa Wright Tanny is the Founder and Director of The Embodiment Sanctuary. She brings over 30 years of dance movement somatic education as an Integrative Dance Movement Therapist, Embodiment Coach, Infant Developmental Movement Educator, movement intuitive and innovator. She holds a Masters Degree in Expressive Arts Dance Movement Therapy, and is a certified teacher of the embodiment experience through the traditional practices of Yoga(Embodyoga®), Pilates(STOTTPilates®). She has also has an extensive background in Body-Mind Centering® and is certified in Embodied Anatomy™ & Embodied Developmental Movement™.

Alisa’s technique in supporting and balancing the body is delivered with a strong, compassionate and loving approach. She draws from her own personal journey and education synthesing CORE activation into the art of expressive embodied empowerment.

Alisa has created multiple EmbodiedED certification programs and teacher trainings: BodyDance EmpowerCORE Presence Practice for women and teen girls, BalanceCORE Therapeutics, YogaPlayKidz, and BabyMoves!. These programs are based in the foundation of activating and remembering embodied cellular and embryologic fluid consciousness, with primary emphasis on restoring and strengthening the natural alignment of the spine, activating the body’s fluid rhythms, balancing and restoring nervous system and glandular-chakra tone with muscular skeletal integrity.

Alisa’s presence provides the space and safety for inquiry and exploration, transformation and integration, and the reclaiming of joyful embodied trust and empowerment. Alisa’s private practice is in Western MA, where she specializes in working with women, teen girls, children, infants, and clients in rehabilitation and special needs population.

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About Dr. Mark Tanny

Mark TannyDr. Mark Tanny, practices a transformational synthesis of bodywork with over 30 years of experience, providing both transformational bodywork and spirit-embodiment coaching.  Body Alchemy is a transformative body, mind and spirit journey that Dr. Tanny provides from a highly attuned state of consciousness.  It acknowledges that fundamental change can occur, both through a process of reintegration(structural, neuromuscular, myofascial, pranic) and through the release of beliefs and attitudes that maintain suffering, illness and dis-ease.  Individual sessions are several hours long, but are best realized through  our personal weekend retreats, or in private sessions.

“With Mark, I felt an incredible sense of trust.  It was as if my body it-self announced that it was ready and willing to heal.  It was a profound opening and one I had not previously experienced with any body-worker before.  Mark approached me with wisdom and a deep felt-sense of a shaman.  I leave the Embodiment Sanctuary with a feeling of profound release every time.”

“Mark’s calm, playful and hope filled approach to life, healing and counsel has been unbelievabley helpful to me.  I trust him entirely. His interest in people is sincere.  His ability to find the core of an issue, be it physical or emotional pain, is quite astounding.  It would be difficult to find a better healer or kinder soul.  He is truly a gem.”

“Body-Mind Centering® is a registered service mark and BMC ℠ is a service mark of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, used with permission.”