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A Blossoming Empowerment Program

Bodydance™ Girls’ Circle Blossoming Program supports girls’ ages (6-9 yrs.) (10-12yrs.) (13-16 yrs.), through the various stages of BLOSSOMING in body, mind & spirit. It is offered as a comprehensive expressive empowerment program with:

Bodydance™ curriculum includes:
expressive arts, embodied alignment/chakra education and movement therapies:
creative dance,
movement improvisation-choreography,
belly dance, hooping and sport endurance.

Alisa is passionate in supporting girls’ development and skill-building in:

  • Mindfulness & Embodied Presence
  • Listening/Speaking in Communication & Relationship Building
  • Body Acceptance & Embodied Trust
  • Self-Love & Self-Confidence
  • Comfort & Belonging
  • Expressive Embodied Empowerment

Please download the BodyDance logo, to share with your friends. Let’s create a Girls Circle blossoming just for you and your friends! Connect with me!

Girls’ Circle Brochure

Weekly Classes, Monthly Gatherings and 5-day Summer Camp (location & details TBD)

BodyDance Girls’ Circle PROGRAM is an expressive empowerment container inviting girls to co-create expressive arts circles using expressive arts, dance, yoga, pilates, voice, poetry, and visual arts in a non-judgmental container.

During each circle experience we awaken embodied explorations and focus on our individual core alignment and chakra blossoming creative expressions. Together we explore our unique sensations and feelings to activate, strengthen, balance, integrate, and express ourselves from the inside out!!!

Often inspired by nature’s cycles, rhythms and patterns, and the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal), we develop new ways of being in peaceful and mind-full relationship with ourselves, our bodies, and one another with EmbodyJOY!

BodyDance™ Girl Circle