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Body Dance LogoBodyDance™ meditations provide an opportunity to deeply explore and connect with oneself from the inside-out while discovering and developing personal intuitive body knowledge, and reclaiming embodied trust.

Each BodyDance™ mediation begins with experiential embodied anatomy, guided creative visualization and insightful awareness of basic natural rhythms, cycles and patterns. Through heightened awareness of sensing and feeling, new embodied consciousness, knowledge and relationships emerge for exploration, expression and empowerment. Alisa will guide you through the chakra-glandular centers, stimulating central core energy—kundalini—with the synthesis of dance, sound, meridian yoga stretch, creative movement and breath.

Learn the embodied approach of activating, strengthening and integrating glandular-hormone activity while balancing the nervous system; supporting and combating stress and anxiety, and developing your own embodied presence practice.

BodyDance™ Embodied Meditations include:

  • BodyDance™ 5Elements
  • BodyDance™ Waves and Pulses
  • BodyDance™ EmpowerCORE
  • BodyDance™ Glandular Groove
  • BodyDance™ Naval Radiation
  • BodyDance™ Restorative Rhythms
  • BodyDance™ Yoga of Sensual Nourishment

BodyDance™ Girl Circle

BodyDance Girl Circle is a 7-week YogaDance class inviting girls to co-create an expressive arts circle through dance, sound, poetry, and visual arts in a non-judgmental container.

Each week embodied explorations will focus on core chakra blossoming and alignment. Together we will explore our unique sensations and feelings to activate, strengthen, balance, integrate, and express ourselves from the inside out. Inspired by nature’s cycles, rhythms and patterns, and the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) we will develop new ways of being in relationship with our bodies.

BodyDance Girl Circle can also be experienced as a 9-month program that takes place for a full weekend day on a monthly basis.

BodyDanceWomen’s Circles

Together our nourishing circle will explore the inner landscapes of expression through BodyDance 5element ChakraFlow.

Sensing & feeling, breathing & activating a sensual empowering presence practice, deepen your relationship to Self and to nature’s beauty.

Allow your new embodied knowledge to inform your true radiance of ACCEPTANCE, JOY & LOVE-LIGHT from within.

Umass Women’s BodyDance Empowerment Circle

Expressive • Embodied • Empowerment

A sacred women’s embodiment community based in empowered freedom, courage & blossoming of our sensual wild feminine presence.

Do you desire a weekly feminine expressive arts & movement container to express your authentic expressive embodied self through body, mind & spirit?

Do you need a safe non-judgmental group of women to explore new ways of being, new ways of expressing and relating to others?

Are there new parts of yourself ready to blossom, and you want to explore them in a safe circle of like-hearted women?

Each week we will delve into embodied sacred journey’s focusing on activating and balancing our expressive blossoming and core embodied alignment. We will explore our unique sensations and feelings from the inside out! Inspired by nature’s cycles, rhythms and patterns, the 5Elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal), we will develop new ways of being relationship with our body, mind and spirit to Embody Love & Embody JOY more fully in the Embodied PRESENCE of NOW!

Participants may use this group to gain embodied mindfulness skills for supporting:

  • Body-Centered Stress Management
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Depression Reduction
  • Digestive Distress
  • Body Image & Eating Disorders
  • Voice, Sound & Movement Empowerment
  • Self-Love & Self Acceptance
  • Creative Expression & Whole Body Empowerment

Students attending UMASS, can receive 6 credits, for enrolling in the 2016 Bodydance™ Expressive Arts & Yoga Teacher Training YTT200 (October-June). Please go to the UMASS Career Center for more information, and contact me personally to discuss your interest.

Please note: This is not a therapy group, and participants are advised to use the support of a professional therapist for a deeper personal inquiry, if needed.

Please see calendar for our Fall 2016 start date, fee and location.

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This inspiring women’s’ empowerment group is open to all women at UMASS Amherst and any other women in the general community are not attending UMASS.

View our event calendar.

BodyDance Expressive Arts & Yoga Teaching Training (200 hr TT)

During the BodyDance™ YTT Immersion, we will engage you in the sensual pleasure of expressive
embodied study! This innovative program uses multidisciplinary approaches with the purpose of
accessing women’s inner wisdom through the balanced expression of feminine JOY. We explore
the inquiry of embodied awareness activating & engaging relationships with our senses to increase self-knowledge, embodied consciousness & create balanced health from within.

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Developmental Movement in Yoga

Discover how our initial movements began through the exploration of pre-spinal fluid movements and spinal movement patterns that are established in utero and during the first year of life.

The integration of these patterns support whole body coordination, balance, and neuromuscular re-patterning into our childhood and adult lives.

Developmental movement patterns simplify & sequence asana flow, activate brain-body coordination, reduce anxiety, restore natural rhythmical breathing & increase overall peace & wellbeing.

Activate these natural skills for your personal yoga movement practice, teaching, private work with children, injury rehab, or special needs population.


Fun · Learning · Awareness · Integration · Development · Accomplishment

For children age 2 and older YogaPlayKidz helps advance developmental movement coordination, reflexes, self-regulation, energy modulation and boundary setting with healthy, positive body awareness and skills. Alisa has extensive experience working with children, including children with special needs, and is the author of a book called “YogaPlayKidz”.


YogaPlayKidz™ is a 75 hour modular certificate program which Alisa has developed for RYT 200 Yoga teachers, pilates instructors, and other licensed body workers. It is designed to provide an experiential approach to working with children using embodied developmental movement patterns through animal archetypes, brain-body balancing, gross motor skill coordination, energy modulation, boundary setting, and chakra balancing. The Embodiment Institute is a certified Children’s Yoga School accredited by the Yoga Alliance.



Join us and learn how to support your developing child’s brain-body balance, coordination, gross and fine motor skills, reflexes, energy regulation, and boundary setting through this sensory-motor, creativity-based, relational approach to developmental movement through yoga play. Instructor Alisa Wright Tanny, Integrative Dance Movement Therapist/ Infant Development Movement Educator, has extensive experience working with children, including those with special needs, and is the author of a book title YogaPlayKidz™. For adults and children ages 2 – 5 years.

For more info/to register, contact Alisa (413-695-6950


Infant development is a continuation of processes that began in the womb. Now there is so much stimulation and so much to learn! Support and guide your baby through infancy by understanding your baby’s needs for movement, stimulation and rest, activating reflexes,, and supporting balanced organ and nervous system tone. Alisa gently assists you and your child in this learning exploration. BabyMoves™ is a deeply satisfying experience for both baby and parent.



Gently and playfully prepare for pregnancy and childbirth with this 9-class series.
Yoga and Pilates will help us keep our spines flexible and strong, create inner pelvic strength/suppleness, and build endurance for the journey ahead. Expressive arts, creative belly dance, sounding, and vocalization will lead us more deeply into the transformative experience of growing our children in our sacred bodies. Summer classes now forming: call to register.

For more info/to register, contact Alisa (413-695-6950

Embodied Health

Embodied Health uses Movement Meditations to support health & wellness, including female reproductive cycles, digestive, and respiratory health; and addresses chronic conditions of migraines, auto-immune disharmony, and hormonal imbalances, such as thyroid and adrenal fatigue.

Embodied Health for Women’s Wellness

Reclaim Your Body as a Temple

Embodied Health classes and workshops focus on empowering YOU with embodied health and movement awareness skills for nourishing sustainable embodied health & vitality from within.

We will explore our inner landscapes and experiences of sensing, feeling and creating comfort, flexibility and strength; while cultivating a deeper CORE knowing of our whole body selves through guided movement mediations for reclaiming embodied trust and embodied presence.

Feet as Foundation

Strengthen the multiple arches of the foot for increased mobility and balance
Learn to articulate the toes, ankles, heel for strong support of the spine
Establish stable and consistent balance from feet to pelvis

Enliven Pelvic Power

Strengthen and tone abdominal muscles
Activate and invigorate the power of the pelvic floor
Stabilize and sustain vital life force energy

Nourish Belly & Womb

Cultivate a new relationship with your belly, uterus and ovaries
Mobilize the belly organs, tissues, muscles and structure
Revitalize, redefine and nourish your pelvic relationship

Increase Digestive Tone & Harmony

Tone digestive tract from beginning to end
Support efficient digestion through posture and tone
Strengthen spinal daily movements activating digestive organs

Support Heart, Lung & Breath

Establish comfort and ease surrounding the heart
Increase efficiency of respiration
Mobilize upper body from the organs

Strengthen Thyroid & Adrenal Glands

Manage energy fluctuations and restore energy
Cultivate and understand posture/structure to support vitality
Stimulate under-activity and reverse over-activity of glands

Balance the Nervous System

Release old habitual patterns of freeze/fight/flight with active and passive rest/digest
Cultivate and nourish the flow between back-body and front-body tone
Revitalize the master glands to support overall immune system

Build Healthy Boundaries & Support

Establish strength and sense of center core
Modulate movements from core to periphery, periphery to core
Establish and remember cellular and embryological support

BalanceCORE Therapeutics™ (75 hr TT)

BalanceCORETherapeutics™ is a 75 hour modular certificate program which Alisa has developed for RYT 200 Yoga teachers, pilates instructors, and other licensed body workers. It is designed to provide you with the necessary skills and understanding to work therapeutically with a full range of spinal, orthopedic, and alignment issues. BalanceCORETherapeutics ™ is a synthesis of core foundational elements of yoga, pilates, and body-mind centering® to support stability, balance, and flexibility of the spine. This training will augment your present practice and give you the skill and confidence to work as a team member in a chiropractic or naturopathic office. This program is accredited by the Yoga Alliance.

Goddess Loves!

Embodied Journeys into the Wheels of Light 

~ A Feminine Empowerment & Chakra Activation ~

~ Women’s Circle ~

Together with Alisa Wright Tanny & Laney Goodman, we will journey deep with the Goddesses through the 7 Chakras in honor of nourishing the creative shakti that dances through each of our cells and activates our embodied presence and power in the Belly & WOMB.

Supported by Toning, Soundscapes, Sacred Drum & Chant, YogaFlow & BodyDance™, we will explore authentic embodied expression and RECLAIM our PLAYFUL relationship to the presence, power & pleasure in the blossoms or our alignment, pelvis, belly & womb.

*bring yoga mat, blanket, journal, colored pencils, eye pillow/scarf-wrap.

with Laney Goodman:

Movement Therapies

Private Sessions

BalanceCORE Therapeutics™ movement therapy focuses on private & personalized goal setting, core strengthening & stabilization, alignment restructuring, movement re-patterning, and embodied empowerment.The synthesis of Alisa’s diverse training is paced to elevate your personal embodiment journey. The use of Pilates’ equipment is integrated into your sessions.Personalized instruction and encouragement is provided each week to support your ongoing BalanceCORE Therapeutics™ goals for sustaining a home practice.

Duet Sessions

Duet sessions allow you, and a friend, partner, or daughter/son, to share in the benefits of a focused session while receiving hands-on instruction for your individual needs.Emphasis is placed on both participants’ individualized goals & structural needs while supporting and activating core strengthening & stabilization, alignment restructuring, movement re-patterning and embodied empowerment.Personalized instruction and encouragement is provided each week to support both individuals’ ongoing goals for sustaining a home practice.

Quartet Sessions

Quartets are small group classes, usually limited to four people. They include all the previously mentioned elements of other movement therapy classes.