Embodied Health for Women’s Wellness

Embodied Health & Sensuality

Reclaim Your Body as a Temple

Embodied Health classes and workshops focus on empowering YOU with embodied health and movement awareness skills for nourishing sustainable embodied health & vitality from within.

We will explore our inner landscapes and experiences of sensing, feeling and creating comfort, flexibility and strength; while cultivating a deeper CORE knowing of our whole body selves through guided movement mediations for reclaiming embodied trust and embodied presence.

Feet as Foundation

Strengthen the multiple arches of the foot for increased mobility and balance
Learn to articulate the toes, ankles, heel for strong support of the spine
Establish stable and consistent balance from feet to pelvis

Enliven Pelvic Power

Strengthen and tone abdominal muscles
Activate and invigorate the power of the pelvic floor
Stabilize and sustain vital life force energy

Nourish Belly & Womb

Cultivate a new relationship with your belly, uterus and ovaries
Mobilize the belly organs, tissues, muscles and structure
Revitalize, redefine and nourish your pelvic relationship

Increase Digestive Tone & Harmony

Tone digestive tract from beginning to end
Support efficient digestion through posture and tone
Strengthen spinal daily movements activating digestive organs

Support Heart, Lung & Breath

Establish comfort and ease surrounding the heart
Increase efficiency of respiration
Mobilize upper body from the organs

Strengthen Thyroid & Adrenal Glands

Manage energy fluctuations and restore energy
Cultivate and understand posture/structure to support vitality
Stimulate under-activity and reverse over-activity of glands

Balance the Nervous System

Release old habitual patterns of freeze/fight/flight with active and passive rest/digest
Cultivate and nourish the flow between back-body and front-body tone
Revitalize the master glands to support overall immune system

Build Healthy Boundaries & Support

Establish strength and sense of center core
Modulate movements from core to periphery, periphery to core
Establish and remember cellular and embryological support