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Hello and welcome to the Embodiment Sanctuary website! We’re so glad you’re here. The Embodiment Sanctuary was founded by Alisa Wright-Tanny and offers a variety of embodied services, educational trainings, retreats and coaching for the holistic integration of body, mind and spirit. Our offerings are designed to initiate deep healing to support personal transformation for yourself and your loved ones.

About Alisa-Wright Tanny

Alisa Wright Tanny is the Founder and Director of The Embodiment Sanctuary. She brings over 30 years of dance movement somatic education as an Integrative Dance Movement Therapist, Embodiment Coach, Infant Developmental Movement Educator, movement intuitive and innovator. She holds a Masters Degree in Expressive Arts Dance Movement Therapy, and is a certified teacher of the embodiment experience through the traditional practices of Yoga(Embodyoga®), Pilates(STOTTPilates®). She has also has an extensive background in Body-Mind Centering® and is certified in Embodied Anatomy™ & Embodied Developmental Movement™.

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